Jasnières Meeting


Les Rencontres Jasnières
july 2023  28-29-30

You practice Taiji Quan come and share this passion with


us during the 34th edition of « les Rencontres Jasnières » at Marçon in Sarthe


 (france – 40 km south of Le Mans)


You will have the possibility to practice Tui Shou, for and applications of various styles and get acquainted with others internal arts with teachers of different nationalities in a spirit of share. 

In order to receive the application form and the program, please write to the following address : ARAMIS – 39 rue P. Eluard – 72000 Le Mans – France, or download the registration form  :

« Les Rencontres Jasnières  » are organized by ARAMIS (Association de Recherche en Arts Martiaux Internes en Sarthe). We would be very happy to meet you there.